Visiting Gibraltar

Reaching Gibraltar by bus

Try hiking to the Rock of Gibraltar instead of taking the cable car. It’s worth the sweat 😀 

When being on holiday in the south of Spain, visiting Gibraltar is for many people a must. During our holiday on the Costa del Sol, me and my husband were no different. Although our initial plan was to use public transport, we changed our minds when we saw the number of possibilities of getting there. It seemed that there was a travel agency in every other village offering this trip, and the bus drivers were willing to stop and pick people up on various places which are on the route.

We booked the trip in the Fuengirola travel agency called Flandria, and their booth can be found on the Fuengirola bus station. They offer more possibilities (with dolphins or bus sightseeing of Gibraltar), but we had the day already planned and bought only the return ticket. From the prices I had seen before this trip, I would say that they had the cheapest ones – our ticket cost 18 euros per person, This trip is possible to take on Wednesdays and Fridays.

TIP!  If you really want to enjoy the day, check if there is not a cruise ship going to be here, especially if you are planning to use the cable car. Gibraltar is small and crowded even without the masses from the ship, and the cable car might as well be the only adventure you will manage. 

We decided to go on Wednesday, and the bus picked us up in front of one of the hotels in Los Boliches, the village we were staying in. We left at 8 a.m. and after two hours long journey and a thorough security check at the border, we got off the bus in the large car park. Although the bus was full, the journey was pleasant and our guide Eleanor provided us with Gibraltar’s history, useful tips, and many interesting facts. After leaving the bus, most people went looking for the cable car to get to the top of the Rock, but we had already agreed that we will walk there and use one of the signed walking trails. As the Rock of Gibraltar is a national park, you have to pay an entrance fee of 5 euros, but nature there is charming. Climbing to the top is demanding, and we were often taking breaks, but every time we did we could observe some wonderful vista in front of us.

As we were getting near the top, a monkey appeared in front of us. Even though we knew that the monkeys are living there, it was still a shock. During the ascent, we didn’t meet many fellow hikers, and the monkey was the first soul we met after some time. Amazed, we started to take pictures, not knowing the number we still had to make acquittance with. The last two hundred meters consisted of narrow, steep stairs and it seemed that the monkeys are everywhere. As we were reaching the top, they became more audacious too. They were jumping on our shoulders, unzipping the backpack and looking for anything edible. One even took our bottle with water and didn’t want to give it back. But despite all of this, when they looked at us with their big eyes, we couldn’t help but forgive them :-).  

The top offered spectacular vistas, but the monkeys were still the main attraction for most of the tourists. We took a few pictures, but the place was soon overcrowded with people from the cable car and monkeys jumping all around, so we set off for the walk back down into the city, following the red hiking route.

We came back down tired and hungry and decided to stop in one of the bistros in Main Street. Although most of the clientele were English speaking tourists, the attendant service was Spanish. This conferred what our guide had told us in the bus – that most people working in Gibraltar are Spanish and they often commute every day to work there. After getting some of the energy back, we spend some time walking through the streets and buying some souvenirs, but it was soon time to go back to the bus. So we said goodbye to Gibraltar and travelled back to Los Boliches.


Have you visited Gibraltar? What were your impressions? Let me know in comments 😉 

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4 thoughts on “Visiting Gibraltar

  1. Hey, it is a great tip! were in Gibraltar last September and we waited for the cable car for over two hours. But I think we wouldn’t made it to the top on foot.

    1. Hello, thank you for the comment. The cable car is definitely a more comfortable way of getting up, but the views are worth the effort of climbing 😉

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